New Armatti 460: A “Beach Club” on the waters

Another premium boat model that promises to win the Brazilian and international market. Armatti 460 is the launch of the Brazilian Armatti Yachts, known for its vessels with elegant and super sports design. This novelty can be compared to a true “Beach Club” on the water. It has an architectural project that favors the integration of external areas such as the sterncokpit and the gourmet space, modern docking and navigation systems and excellent performance and consumption, not to mention the unmistakable elegant and super sports design. 

The vessel has space to receive up to 15 people. It is 14 meters long and has a wide width that guarantees expanded volumes to the model, which compares to larger vessels, in addition to the better use of internal and external spaces. 

Privileged external areas

In the external areas, the sterncokpit is integrated into the gourmet space with a sink and grill, as well as a large “L” sofa with a dining table, making up a charming covered balcony overlooking the sea. It also offers a stern platform that can be submerged for bathing in the sea. 

More spaces for rest and sunbathing are located in the front area of the vessel (bow) with comfortable sun loungers. 

The model is offered in two versions. In the Sport Coupé option, the boat has a hard top, similar to the sunroof. In the Fly model, the vessel offers a flybridge, a deck above the deck area with rest and relaxation areas, in addition to the second command post. 

Elegance and internal comfort

The interior of the vessel is also wide and with fine finishes made with high-quality materials in wood, anti-mold upholstery, nautical fabrics, stainless steel, stones, glass, among others, which guarantee maximum durability and comfort. In the large main salon there are living, dining environments, kitchen, and command center (bridge). The “U” shaped sofa, located in the cockpit, is also worth mentioning in this boat. 

Below the deck, the room consists of two large suites for overnight stays. Among them, the main cabin in the midship, only found on larger yachts, with panoramic windows on both sides, and which occupies the entire width of the boat. Bathrooms also have privileged areas with a ceiling height of 1.9m. 

Anchorage innovation

Armatti 460 is an ideal boat for mooring in front of closed condominiums, channels and marinas with no dry spaces for larger vessels. It is a model that guarantees the permanence in wet spaces through the option of IPS technology (Inboard Performance System). It also comes with the center-tail motorization that favors mooring in shallower areas.