New 30-foot boat from Armatti Yachts was designed for those who are starting to sail.

Armatti Yachts has just announced a new 30-foot model to the market: the Armatti 300 Spyder. The model manufactured in Santa Catarina will have its first unit delivered in February and already has four orders for the national market.

“Armatti 300 Spyder is a sports model designed for those who are starting to venture out into the waters. It was designed to have the best performance, use a smaller engine, and generate more savings. Thus, we bet on the combination of design, materials, and rigorous construction process for better hydrodynamics of the hull, which results in greater efficiency, speed, and maneuverability. It will have a capacity of 220 liters and 6 hours of autonomy. These are characteristics that, together with the size, practicality and comfort to receive guests, should please the Brazilian consumer ”, explains the director of Armatti Yachts Fernando Assinato.

“Our expectation is that the sales of the Armatti 300 Spyder will exceed sales of vessels over 45 feet by four times, reaching around 40 units delivered per year, especially in regions with inland waterways such as São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Brasilia, Goiás and Belém, where there is great demand for smaller boats ”, he concludes.

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