São José: nautical manufacturer registers growth in sales in quarantine

Against the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, some nautical manufacturers maintained or increased sales of vessels, even in the quarantine period. This is the case of the Santa Catarina shipyard of the brands Armatti Yachts and Fishing Raptor, located in São José, which registered growth of around 20% in business in the months of March and April compared to the same period of the last year. However, the buyer’s profile has become more analytical, according to the manufacturer.

We were surprised by the high demand for boats in this quarantine period, in addition to several sales made. Most of the cases are for customers with a more demanding profile, people already experienced in boating who are looking for a second boat or who want to upgrade their boats. Armatti Yachts customers generally seek to renew their old boat to a modern and sophisticated model. Regarding buyers of the Fishing Raptor brand, many already own a yacht or mega-yacht and wish to have an additional boat for leisure or water sports in family. However, everyone’s focus is on researching and investing in quality – explains the director of the Armatti Yachts and Fishing Raptor shipyard, Fernando Assinato.

Increasing boat sales 

In addition, according to the executive, the preferences for Armatti Yachts’ vessels were for models over 40 feet. As for Fishing Raptor, 100% of sales were from vessels over 30 feet.

– The cost benefit relationship is being much more analyzed by customers. They have been looking for bigger and more comfortable options for their moments on board since, after the house, the boat is a safe and protected place, especially in a time of social isolation. That is, it is the perfect leisure at a time with so many preventive and necessary measures -, says Assinato.

Among Armatti Yachts premium vessels, in addition to the success of the Armatti 370 Coupé and 340 Cabrio, the Armatti 460 stands out. The charming model has been at the top of the sales ranking in the last two months. The brand is known for its unmistakable super sports design, impeccable finishes, space utilization and high technology.

With the implementation of all recommended government measures, the shipyard follows its production and launch schedule. This year’s novelty from Armatti Yachts, the 42-foot model, will have its first unit delivered in July. In addition to this, the shipyard intends to launch a larger model, which will have its first unit presented later this year. In terms of manpower, the entire workforce of the shipyard was maintained and, even, with new hires planned to occur from August.

Among the most popular models of Fishing Raptor in the last two months, highlights for the Fishing 320 CC, the Fishing 330 Saint Tropez, and the Fishing 375 Solarium. In the “off road” style, Fishing boats are ideal for those who enjoy sports, leisure and sailing long distances. They have irreplaceable hulls designed by renowned North American engineers, in addition to high performance and comfort in their facilities.